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This is an update of an app out there still which I wrote almost twenty years ago. It's for Single Family New Construction Plumbing Contracting, a very specific niche, but it could be used for other things.

Job Inverview Calendar

Getting a new gig is something I have had to do many times. First you update your resume then you send it out which means putting it out on a couple of job boards. Then you get a bunch of calls

Look. We all have our secrets. You and I are not the only ones who look at porn

I quit the Masons but I was a Master Mason. I thought about doing good. The Masons should be a LIBERAL orginization. At least they should be pro union. But I live in Texas and everyone in my lodge was a hardcore redneck conservative republican. I don't need to tell you how angrily partisan everything has become these days. When it came my time to become master of the lodge things got pretty ugly.

Texas Masons in particular have a proud history of promoting PUBLIC education. Marilu Lammar, one of the heros of the Alamo and one of the first governors of the state was essentially the inventor of the concept of public education. The earliest Texas lodges were two story buildings with the meeting room on the top floor. On the ground floor the Masons who hire a school teacher who would run a one room school house for all the children of the local community. But my fellow Masons, competeing to be the most throughrly conservative didn't think much of public education and resented the taxes.

Anyway I built this app even though no one has ever used it.

This is an app I've been fiddling with for a long time. It started out as tree based OneNote like app for keeping notes but with ability to link to the note more than one place; store it under multiple topics or subjects. And this OneNote implementation can nest